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I enjoy giving Scrabble lessons to both casual players looking for some tips on how to conquer that one friend who seems unbeatable, as well as tournament players looking to take their game to the next level. During a lesson, I'll either play a game with the student and analyze it afterward, or we can play an "open-rack" game where we discuss and analyze each position together for both sides.

Know someone who loves Scrabble or dreams of being a champion? There's no better gift than a Scrabble lesson!

Lessons are typically conducted on Woogles in conjunction with Google Meet.


Mack is not only an expert player, but an expert tutor, able to distill complex Scrabble concepts and strategy in digistable ways. During our lesson we played a game and then analyzed it together, and he offered a number of tips to help me improve my game (I'll be more thoughtful going forward about opening dangerous double double lanes on my opening play, as opposed to just thinking about avoiding vowel placement beneath premium squares). Despite making a number of errors that would likely appear egregious to a player of Mack's level, I never once felt spoken down to. Can't recommend these lessons enough for both casual and tournament players looking to up their game. -- John Wilder

I’ve had a number of Scrabble lessons with Mack in recent months and have found them to be very enjoyable and very instructive.  As an intermediate level player I have been keen to accelerate my progress a bit and the mentoring from Mack has definitely facilitated some further improvement in my game.  His gentle tutoring style has provided me useful tips on word study techniques, improvements in my rack leave skills and other key aspects of the game.  I would recommend Mack for anyone interested in bringing their game up a notch or two! -- Hank Hees

I’m a bit of an older player and had been away from the game for years. Upon my return, and despite my best efforts, my rating was on a constant decline in nearly every tournament. After just a few lessons with Mack, my tournament performance saw an immediate upswing and my rating went up significantly. Mack fosters a collaborative and friendly learning environment where I never feel criticized, even though his rating is about twice mine. We use a gameplay-style method in our lessons, and that provides me with a fresh perspective on strategy and play choice, making each lesson a steppingstone towards continuous progress - an opportunity for improvement. Thanks to Mack's coaching expertise, I feel like there’s still so much to learn in our coaching sessions…and I look forward to those!








Please reach out to me on the Contact tab for more information.

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