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I started playing SCRABBLE® at home when I was 4 years old and competed in my first official tournament at age 10. In the 11 years since, I've played over 60 tournaments all across the country. My ranking has been as high as 2nd
in North America and at the North American SCRABBLE Championship in 2017 I took 2nd place. I held the title of highest rated player in North America under 18 from


I enjoy SCRABBLE equally for its deep strategic complexity and its luck factor. SCRABBLE is commonly thought to be exclusively a word game, but at the competitive level it is actually just as much a math game. Far beyond simply adding up your score each turn, making the right play requires evaluating mathematical factors such as the probability of your opponent holding a certain tile. Especially when only a few tiles remain in the bag, finding
a play that wins even with one more possible draw can frequently make the difference between victory and defeat. Sometimes you simply cannot win even with perfect play – after all, if you draw five I’s out of the bag, you’re pretty much going to have to exchange whether you’re a newbie or the best player in the world. Bad luck can be quite frustrating, but at the same time it provides the randomness that is the basis for all of the mathematical beauty of the game. 


But the best part of tournament SCRABBLE is the community. A warm, welcoming community of game lovers who gather after a day of tournament games for dinner and then relax by - yes, playing more SCRABBLE!


If you love to play at home or online, I'd encourage you to give tournament SCRABBLE a try. You can find beginner tutorials on the VIDEOS page, and all the links you'll need under HELPFUL LINKS.

Another passion of mine is hiking. I've posted some of my favorite hiking pictures on the HIKING page.

Looking for a math or physics tutor or some help improving your Scrabble game? Check out my TUTORING page.


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2016 North American SCRABBLE Championship