I'm currently a senior at Columbia University with a major in astrophysics and a concentration in mathematics.
I'm available as a physics and math tutor (details below) and offer Scrabble lessons for players looking to improve their play. Please reach out to me on the Contact tab for more information.


          - High School Physics up to AP level

          - AP Physics 1 & 2

          - AP Physics C: Mechanics & AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

          - College level courses in Mechanics and/or Electricity & Magnetism

          - SAT Physics Subject Test


          - Algebra

          - Geometry

          - Trigonometry

          - Precalculus

          - AP Calculus A, B, & C

          - Multivariable Calculus

          - Linear Algebra

          - SAT and ACT Math sections

          - SAT Math level I and II Subject Tests